About Us


Hi there!

I am an entrepreneur and copywriter with a passion for making businesses grow

I started my company Wigerup Copywrites because of my interest in Copywriting and the Health & Wellness industry. Writing has always come easy to me and it is a pleasure to be creative and useful with my clients in order to build the Ultimate Relationship. Because it is through a great relationship that big things really happen.

With my experience working as a Personal Trainer and being an enthusiastic triathlete for many years I have some in depth knowledge of nutrition and performance. Now, you combine that with my interest in writing it’s safe to say I definitely have the greatest job in the world!

I have a Digital Marketing diploma from Noroff School of Technology and have also taken numerous copywriting courses to level up my skills. Because the better my skills are, the more value I can create to other people.

Make sure to follow me on my social media channels for more value! I also publish articles on Medium about topics such as personal development, health and productivity

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